Katerina Axelsson

SpecialityCEO, Tastry

Katerina is the CEO of Tastry. Tastry (formerly known as Bottlefly), is an AI company that combines analytical chemistry, flavor preferences and machine learning for tracking consumer preferences in sensory-based products.

Katerina completed her wine chemistry degree at California Polytechnic State University, San Luis Obispo. The concept of Tastry began when Katerina was finishing her degree at Cal Poly. To pay her way through college, she worked at a ‘custom crush’ facility (a winery which makes wine for other labels). During her time there she observed many troubling realities within the wine industry: ratings, recommendations, and tasting notes appeared to be inaccurate.

On one instance the facility created a large batch of wine and distributed the exact same wine to two different customers, sold by two different wineries, marketed under two different labels, and sold at two different price points: the consumer would have no way of knowing it was the same wine. Both wines went to a competition where they were scored by one of the most prestigious sommeliers in the industry: one received 89 points and the other 93 points. She began to wonder: If even the world’s best sommeliers can’t give objective information about wine, how can consumers ever be expected to enter the mystical world of wine? Can wine be objectively scored? And even if it could, would everyone have the same score for each wine? Katerina saw an opportunity to challenge the current subjective nature of the wine scoring system.


In late 2015 Katerina founded The Bottlefly, Inc. (DBA “Tastry”).

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